Google will update a set of guidelines due to go into effect on 15 February 2018 with the launch of the Google Chrome Ad Block (GCAB).

Essentially, this new GCAB will make users life less painful by blocking highly invasive ads such as: ads in between two paragraphs when you’re reading an article, in-line video ads with sound, and automatic play sounds ads… Basically, the ones that everyone hates online, but also, the ones that we got rid of years ago thanks to AdBlock…

GCAB will force brands to comply with their advertising policy otherwise advertisers will be panelized online through their SEO metrics or potentially blacklisted by Google.

As marketers, we should be happy about this update and not too worried since only 1% of advertisers will be affected – probably the worse 1% of us.

Marketers need to end the ad invasion and we should be embracing this new era of online advertising.

GCAB won’t immediately give marketers any headaches. But, like many other updates, it will path the way for future online ad guidelines where Google, Youtube or Facebook will be expecting more creativity and users centric ads from marketers.

PS: Hope you guys appreciate the dad joke on the title – just in case you haven’t noticed.