The one area that Twitter tends to shine, is in real time information when there is a breaking news style event.

In fact, I am not alone in using Twitter to see what is going on every time I hear a siren.

Well, now that Twitter is trying to desperately find relevance in the ever-crowded social space, they have announced that they are going to partner with local news stations to stream their broadcasts during these events.

So what exactly does this mean? Well, basically, your Twitter feed will now include streaming newscasts in amongst the crowdsourced comments and speculation of what is happening. This should help to add credible and relevant info during a breaking news style event (that is if you trust local media).

It is an interesting development and definitely plays to Twitter’s strengths, however, it is not really something we have asked for, and most of us would just open up a news source we trust to see what is going on anyway.