Mobile marketers take note. Forrester has released their report entitled “The 2018 Mobile and New Technology Priorities for Marketers: Why Marketers Must Keep Fixing Their Mobile Basics”.

The report costs $499USD but is well worth a read. It includes a lot of insight and several recommendations to consider if you are a mobile marketer.

According to the report:

“Mobile is still at the heart of digital transformation, a unique catalyst for business transformation and a key enabler for adjacent technologies. Marketers wrongly think they can leapfrog to emerging tech once they have checked the box on mobile apps and responsive websites.”

The report also goes into detail about various technologies that affect mobile marketing, including voice assistants, chatbots, Artificial Intelligence (A.I.), Internet of Things (IoT) and Intelligent Agents (IA).

Some of the high-level recommendations are:

  • Revisit your KPIs to increase mobile’s share in the marketing mix.
  • Involve the full C-suite, including the CEO, in your mobile strategy.
  • Invest strategically in-house, and partner with a digital experience provider.
  • Extend your mobile moment strategy to connected objects, such as IoT.
  • Make your mobile web more app-like
  • Partner with technology counterparts to integrate automation technologies.
  • Back your chatbot experiment with human intervention.

This concludes our public service announcement to mobile marketers.