Okay, I admit, that is a confusing blog title. It should all make sense once you have the context.

So the background is that Google wants to make its image search functions as useful as possible. To assist with this, they have decided to roll out a significant change that will make digital marketers and web designers rethink how their page title tags are set up on a web page.

So what has happened? Well, to create more context for images that appear in Google Image Searches on a mobile device, Google has now added a caption below each image. That caption is pulled directly from the page title tag. Google has said that this may change in the future (as they are always experimenting), but for now, this is how it is.

The change is available now for mobile browser searches on all iOS and Android devices.

According to Google:

This extra piece of information gives you more context so you can easily find out what the image is about and whether the website would contain more relevant content for your needs.

So what does this mean for digital marketing?  Not too much if you follow best practices, but it should make you pause and think about what you are using for page title tags. Image search is becoming more and more relevant for organic traffic and mobile devices have overtaken desktop in most countries. The net result of this is that we need to pay attention to changes like this.