Just released in beta testing is the new tool from Google. It is called Reach Planner and helps you plan for video campaigns.

The goal is to provide help to media planners and advertisers so that they can easily forecast the potential reach and frequency of their video campaigns on both YouTube and through video partners on GDN (Google Display Network) in over 50 countries.

According to the release:

In our quest to make planners’ lives easier, we are going beyond reach curves to introduce a key new feature: product mixes. Planners have been using Google’s video formats to reach viewers in different ways, and now we’re giving more insight into which formats work best together. With product mixes, you can give us your marketing objective, ad preferences and budget, and we will recommend the right mix of YouTube’s solutions to achieve your goal.

This sounds rather useful. If you want to access the tool while in beta, make sure to talk to your Google sales team.