Facebook has just announced they are piloting a third-party fact-checking partnership with the independent journalism initiative BOOM.

The pilot will take place in one of Facebooks biggest markets, India. India has over 201 million users (just short of the USA). According to The Indian Express, starting today, BOOM will review all English stories that have been flagged for review. BOOM will then rate their accuracy according to six different ratings (including “false”, “true”, “mixed” etc).

Once a story is marked fake (or mixed), it will drop lower in the News Feed. Facebook will also notify people and page admins if they try to share the story.

If a Facebook page continues to share stories that have been flagged as fake, they will have a forced reduction in their distribution.

This is a great initiative. I know Facebook has fact-checking programs in Indonesia, France, Italy and the Philippines, but this is a landmark pilot as it allows third-party initiatives to partner with Facebook to help.