Well, this is a dodgy move and flys right in the face of the GDPR.

Despite promising to protect the data of its users after the backlash from the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Facebook has decided to make a small change to their terms and conditions and to move the data of 1.5 billion users that reside outside of the US, Canada, and the European Union from its headquarters in Ireland to its California office.

Why have they done this you ask? Simple, it is a get out of jail free card to avoid the EU’s GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) law that kicks in on the 25th May this year.

The move affects users in Africa, Asia, Australia and Latin America which combined totals around 70% of all Facebook users. This move essentially makes all users subject to the more lenient US regulations rather than EU law.

The only response so far from Facebook was to play down the terms and conditions change to Reuters. Saying:

“We apply the same privacy protections everywhere, regardless of whether your agreement is with Facebook Inc or Facebook Ireland.”

That’s a dick move Facebook!