Yes, it’s true, Facebook is testing a new video format. The format is called ‘Premieres and is essentially the ability for publishers and video creators to post pre-recorded video as ‘Live’.

It all looks the same as an actual ‘Live’ video. viewers can interact with the video with comments, reactions and interactions. It also acts like a ‘Live’ video in the sense that once it has played, you then have it saved as a Video on Demand (VOD).

According to Fidji Simo, the VP of Product for Video at Facebook:

“People will be able to experience Premieres of videos like movie trailers, new episodes of Facebook Watch shows, or new content from their favorite creators, alongside other fans together in real time — just like watching a Facebook Live video,”

The new format is in beta at the moment and only available to a very select group. Facebook will be watching the results to see if/when they can roll it out to a wider audience.

I am conflicted with this one. On one hand, it adds the convenience of being able to schedule a proxy of ‘Live’ video without being a slave to the timetable. On the other hand, it feels a lot like deceiving the viewers which is bad on all counts.

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