Imagine a world where you could create a single ad that had multiple headlines and two different variations of descriptions. Now imagine that Google AdWords will use Machine Learning to do all the grunt work for you. Imagine that the Machine Learning algorithms will test each of the variations dynamically to see which combinations are performing better and meeting your goals.

This world is not only coming, but it is currently in beta testing to a small number of users.

Google AdWords is testing Responsive Search Ads that do everything mentioned above. This allows you to have the following:

  • Show up to three headlines (instead of two)
  • Show up to two 90 character descriptions (previously you could only choose one 80 character description).

And have Googles machine learning models then test all of the combinations and variations to see which is most likely to achieve your goals.

So what does that mean for digital marketers? Essentially, a lot less work and the death of A/B testing of ad units.