Post Live Videos Across Multiple Facebook Pages

Facebook has announced three interesting additions to their suite of tools for Live video.

Google AdWords testing Machine Learning Responsive Ads

Google AdWords is testing Responsive Search Ads

It Is Time To Reset Your Twitter Password

Twitter is strongly recommending that all 330 million of its users reset their password after they found a bug had…

Marketing Nation Summit

Things will be quiet on the site this week as I attend the Marketing Nation Summit in San Francisco.

Reddit Promoted Posts Now In Both Mobile Apps

Reddit has announced they are rolling out the feature to their Android version also. 

According To Facebook, Users Are Not The Product

Facebook is on the defensive. In a recent blog post entitled "Hard Questions: What Information Do Facebook Advertisers…

Instagram Now Lets You Export All Pics And User Info

The social platform has now released a tool that enables users to download most of their info

Facebook Test New Video Format

The format is called 'Premieres and is essentially the ability for publishers and video creators to post pre-recorded…

Facebook Moving Data of 1.5 Billion Users

Facebook has decided to make a small change to their terms and conditions and to move the data of 1.5 billion users

More Brand Safety Issues For YouTube

CNN has discovered that ads from well know brands have been shown alongside channels that have very questionable…

Google Confirms Another Broad Core Algorithm Update

Google released yet another broad core algorithm update on Monday, April 16th

Google Launches New Format – Outstream Ads

Good news, you just got a brand spanking new option for video ads

US Senators Push GDPR Type Bill Of Rights

The bill is called the Customer Online Notification for Stopping Edge-provider Network Transgressions (CONSENT)

Facebook Partner With Boom To Fact Check Indian News

Facebook has just announced they are piloting a third-party fact-checking partnership with the independent journalism…

New Filter For Google Search Console – Search Appearance

Google has added the Search Appearance Filter which gives you the ability to filter and compare

Have 9% Of Americans Deleted Their Facebook Accounts?

In the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, and concern of the privacy of our data, the #DeleteFacebook movement…

YouTube Will No Longer Support Third-Party Ad Serving In EU

This is big news! Google has announced that it is shutting off access to third-party ad serving and pixel tracking for…

Google Roll Out ‘More Results’ On Mobile

It's official! Google has released its "More results" button for mobile search.

Google Launches Reach Planner

Just released in beta testing is the new tool from Google. It is called Reach Planner and helps you plan for video…

Have You Been Hit By Cambridge Analytica?

Sometime today, Facebook users will see one of two posts at the top of their feed

Surprise – More People Were Hit By Cambridge Analytica Breach Than First Thought

Facebook put out a new blog post announcing that the initial estimate of 50 million people that they thought were…

Facebook Updating Terms And Data Collection Policy

In the latest effort to curb the Facebook backlash, the media giant is updating their Terms and Conditions and their…

Google My Business Now Let You Add A Business Description

Google is now letting businesses add a business description that will show up in the local knowledge panel in search…

Facebook Testing New Features For News Feed

Facebook, the media giant is trialling new features in its news feed.

YouTube Introduce TrueView For Reach

YouTube has introduced a new skippable short-form ad format. Called TrueView for Reach, it is based on the success of…

Bing Launch Price Extensions

Bing has just announced they are rolling out price extensions to Bing Ads.

Outbrain To Offer Video Ads

Outbrain has reached an exclusive partnership with Telaria to offer video ads on the content discovery platform.

Google AdWords Deactivating Accounts With No Spend

Google AdWords is deactivating accounts that have no ad spend within the past 15 months

Google Add Page Title Tag As Image Captions

Google has now added a caption below each image

Google Confirm New Search Algorithm Change

Google has now confirmed that a new "broad core algorithm update" has been released.

AdWords Adding Notes

Google has announced that over the next few weeks, they are rolling out a new 'notes' feature to AdWords.

Google Custom Intent Audiences Now On YouTube

Google has announced they are rolling out Custom Intent Audiences (previously available on Google Display Network…

Twitter Verification For All

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey mentioned in a live stream that Twitter is ultimately wanting to open up Twitter verifications…

The 2018 Mobile and New Technology Priorities for Marketers Report Released

Forrester has released their report entitled "The 2018 Mobile and New Technology Priorities for Marketers: Why…

Time Spent Downloading A Page – Bug Confirmed In Search Console

If you saw a massive dip in your "time spent downloading a page" report in Google Search Console, you are not alone.

In Case You Missed It – Google Drop News Meta Tag

Google has confirmed they have dropped the 'news' meta keyword tag.

Google AdSense Launch Auto Ads

Auto Ads are a brand new ad format that is designed to increase revenue for publishers

Facebook To Face $125M Fine If It Doesn’t Comply With Belgian Court Ruling

A Belgian court has ordered Facebook to cease tracking users without their consent (and delete all held data on…

Google Finally Disclose Recrawl Limits

Google has finally updated their help documentation to outline what changes have been made with recrawl limits and…

Twitter Live Streaming During Breaking News Events

Twitter has announced that they are going to partner with local news stations to stream their broadcasts during these…

Google Helping WordPress Address Page Speed Issues

Google has formally announced they are working with WordPress to address page speed issues.

Come See Us At Webstock Wellington

For any New Zealand based readers, if you are in Wellington for Webstock, look out for me.

Instagram To Tell You When Someone Screenshots Your Story

Instagram has confirmed that they are testing a new feature that will tell a user when someone has taken a screenshot…

Facebook Attempt Romance

Facebook has released a few new features for when you confirm you are in a relationship with someone

I Tweet Therefore I Am More Engaged

Twitter ‘’is generating more engagement’’

Google Partners With Getty To Make Copyright Disclaimers More Prominent

Getty Images has announced a multi-year global licensing partnership with Google

Copy Or Copy Not – There Is No Try

Instagram users will be able to share other people stories, the same way people can re-tweet

Login To Bing With Google Or Facebook

Bing Webmaster Tools now let you log in using your Google or Facebook account.

Facebook Are Testing A Downvoting Option

Facebook are testing an option to downvote a public page post

The New Ad-venger – Google Chrome Ad Block

Google will update a set of guidelines due to go into effect on 15 February 2018 with the launch of the Google Chrome…

Google Make SEO Addition To Lighthouse Extension

Google announced they are adding an "SEO Audits" category

Google Search Console Now Available For All

Google has just announced that the new Google Search Console is now out of beta and available to all users.

Bing Rolls Out Multi User Access

Bing has announced that it is rolling out Multi-User Access so that digital marketers can manage multiple accounts with…

Twitter Planning On Making Video Sharing Easy

Twitter is working on a new tool to enable sharing of video (including live broadcasts) a lot easier.

Copy It Until You Make It – Instagram Add New Features

Instagram just announced 3 major changes

Permanently Mute Websites In Google Chrome

Chrome is rolling out a new feature that can silence the dodgy practice of autoplay.

Facebook and Twitter To Investigate Another Russian Bot Issue

it would appear that the Russians are up to their tricks again.

Facebook Update Branded Content Policy

Facebook has just updated it's branded content policy to ensure that creators and publishers do not profit from posting…

Snapchat Now Let You Share Stories Outside Of Snapchat

Snapchat has rolled out a new feature to share your Snapchat Stories via a link that you can share or text to…

Most Of You Should Now Have Access To Ne Google Search Console

It would seem that Google is just rounding off the global release of the new Search Console

Brace Yourself – Facebook’s New Algorithm Is Coming

Facebook has announced that it will soon only promote genuine and organic reach from reliable sources.

Facebook Testing Ability To Assign Message To Team

Facebook has been seen testing a feature to allow you to assign your Facebook page's private messages to team members

Google Ramps Up Reviews Of YouTube Premium Content

YouTube is putting tighter controls in place for brands in the Google Preferred video program.

Page Speed As A Ranking Factor In Mobile Search

Google has announced that they have a new algorithm for ranking pages for mobile search.

Google Now Use Chrome Data To Calculate Page Speed Insights

Google rolls-out a change to the PageSpeed Insight tool, allowing the speed results to come from actual data from…

Google Reverse Image Search Bug

Google has confirmed that it is going to fix a bug that is currently happening with the tool.

Commercial Content To Be De-emphasized in Facebook

Facebook looking to prioritize content from family and friends over businesses and media publishers

Google Temp Bans Addiction Center Ads Around The World

Google has placed a temporary ban on all advertising for addiction centres while they work out what to do

Say Goodbye To Review Extensions In Google AdWords

Google has announced that it is sunsetting Review Extensions later this month and deleting entirely out of AdWords in…

New Google Search Console Finally Coming To All

Google is now rolling out the new Search Console to the wider world over the next few weeks.

Google Temporarily Remove Publishers From News

Now, this is embarrassing. Google accidentally removed a number of publishers from Google News.

Twitter Is The Best Social Network For Lame Excuses

Oh, Twitter, I try to love you, but you make it really really hard to do so!

Zuckerberg’s New Year Challenge May Surprise You

Mark has two new focusses and they partially restore my faith in the social network and the future of cryptocurrency.

Spotify Hit New Milestone

So it is now official, Spotify now has over 70 million subscribers.

Are They Bringing Back Video For Google My Business?

According to some business owners, Google has been spotted testing the return of video in your local listings within…

Big Changes For Adwords Buyers That Use Grant Money

In an effort to encourage (or force) grant money spenders to act responsibly, there are some sweeping changes that have…

New Tool From Google Tests Your Rich Results Readiness

Google has introduced a super useful tool called Rich Results Test. 

Google Tests Related Searches For Images

Google has added a related search field to any image searches we perform.

Happy New Year

I just want to take a moment to thank you all for an awesome 2017 and to wish you all a wonderful and prosperous New…

Instagram’s Recommended Posts For All

The brand new "recommended for all" feature on Instagram is now being rolled out to all users. 

Did You Fall For Russian Propaganda On Facebook?

Facebook is introducing a new portal/tool to show you if you had engaged with pages that were linked to the Russian…

Facebook Introducing Streaks?

It seems Facebook is testing out another rip off of a Snapchat feature.

4K Photos in Facebook Messenger

Facebook has announced they have just released the ability to share photos up to 4K resolution within Facebook…

Google Roll Out Custom Intent Audiences For GDN

Google is rolling out Custom Intent Audiences for the Google Display Network

New Version Of AdWords Editor Brings New Features

Google is rolling out a brand spanking new AdWords Editor (version 12.2).

Google Give You A New Way To Test Ad Variations

The latest release is a new way for us to test ad variations across thousands of ads in only a few clicks

Google AdWords Promotion Extensions Roll Out To The Masses

Promotion Extensions allow you to display offers in your text ads without having to create all new ads

Christmas coming early this year with YouTube… Or not…

YouTube is getting rid of these annoying ads that pop up halfway through the videos.

Google Is Introducing New Ways To Gain Your Trust

Google is rolling out eight different trust indicators to you to decide if a piece of content is credible or not.

No Week In Digital Marketing New Video This Week

Apologies everyone, we had some technical difficulties that meant we cannot get the video to you this week. 

Facebook Launch Creators App And Education Site

Facebook is doubling down on trying to lure video creators over to Facebook from YouTube.

Twitter Changes Rules For Blue Tick Verification

Twitter has made some changes to the way their blue tick verification works. 

Snapchat brings you Audience Filter

Enabling brands to target their audience based on the time of day, age, gender, language, type of device etc.

We Are Up At Ad:Tech Auckland Today

Ad:tech Auckland is on today and the AllTheGeek team will be there. 

New Facebook Changes Make It Easier To Target Internationals

Facebook as just rolled out some changes that make life a lot easier to advertise around the world

Amazon About To Launch In Australia?

Some clever sods over at Reddit have seen the early signs that a full launch of Amazon in Australia could happen in…

Facebook Killing Like Button For Third-Party Apps

As of February 6th, 2018, the native Like button that is embedded in third-party apps will no longer function.

Digital Marketing News – 11 November 2017

In this episode: Facebook Kill the Like button in third-party apps, Adobe launch 'Launch', How to know if your local…

Instagram Stories Now Accept Content Over 24hrs Old

Instagram Stories will now accept any content regardless whether it was created in the last 24hrs or not.

Twitter Increases Display Name To 50 Chars

Twitter have just announced that the character limit for display names is not increasing from 20 to 50.

Twitter Enables 280 Char Limit For All – Kind Of

That's right, 280 character limits will now be the norm for all Twitter users.

Resource – Micro Learning

You would have seen in the latest Week In Digital Marketing Video our latest tech find is a micro-learning platform…

Facebook Refund Advertisers For Yet Another Blunder

Facebook has just announced that they have discovered two new measurement errors that resulted in advertisers paying…

Did Twitter Censor The Term Bisexual?

Twitter users discovered if you search for the term 'bisexual' under standard Twitter search, it works fine, but then,…

Google Launch AR/VR Object Library

Google has launched their new library called 'Poly'.

Google Roll Out New Look For Mobile Search

Spotted out in the wild is a new look for mobile search that includes a wider search bar and more 'white space'....oh,…

Digital Marketing News – 4 November 2017

In this episode: just how many Americans did the Russian 'Election Scandal' reach, Bing announce some interesting new…

You Can Now Conduct Polls On Facebook Pages

Well, this is an exciting development. Facebook has just rolled out polls for Facebook pages.

Rogue Twitter Employee Silences Trump for 5-11 Mins

In a story that will be told to their grandkids, a rogue customer support employee at Twitter decided to go out with…

Snapchat Add Snap Pixel To Track Vert-Video Ad Conversions

It has been a while coming, but Snapchat is slowly releasing their Snap Pixel.

Facebook Are Not Going Anywhere – Q3 Results

The Q3 earnings were released today and things are looking great for the social media giant. 

Adobe Showcase Their New AI Tools And Blow Us Away

Adobe showcased some impressive prototypes that use A.I. to do all the heavy lifting for you.

You Can No Longer Use A URL To Change Which Google You Are Using

Google is no longer going to be using URLs  (or ccTLDs) as a way to determine which Google country you are using.

Digital Marketing News – 28 October 2017

In this episode: the death or Organic Facebook, AI that can edit photos and videos for you, Apple deliberately hobbling…

You Can Now Delete Embarrassing WhatsApp Messages

WhatsApp has announced they are rolling out the ability to delete WhatsApp messages as long as they are deleted within…

Twitter Ban Media With Russian Government Links

Twitter has announced that they have banned two media outlets that have Russian government links.

Facebook Could Be Removing Organic Page Posts From News Feed

Facebook announce they are testing limiting organic page posts to only appear in the explore feed and not in users…

Facebook To Boost Organic Reach With New Explore Feed

Facebook has just launched a new feed for desktop Facebook called Explore Feed

Self-Serve Ads On Pinterest

It has been only eight months since Pinterest released search ads. Now the pin-board service has added a self-service…

A Near Real-Time Social Ad Benchmark

Thanks to Socialbaker, you can now compare your 'near real-time' ad performance against anonymized data from over 2,000…

Google Tag Manager Adds Scroll Depth Trigger

Google has just released a native Scroll Depth Trigger to Tag Manager. Now you no longer need to rely on third-party…

WhatsApp Allow You To Share Real Time Locations

WhatsApp has borrowed heavily from its parent company Facebook and released a feature called Live Location. 

All Bing Ads Content Network Data To Be Deleted

Bing has now sent out emails to any account that has either run or is running a content network campaign. The email…

New Ad Format For Twitter Sounds Interesting

Twitter has just rolled out the new Video Website Card ad format. This new format is designed to use video to push…

Facebook Entering Recruitment Space?

Things could potentially be hotting up in the recruitment space as some very observant punters have noticed a small…

AI Lets You Search Images Based On Composition

Shutterstock is testing an A.I. that allows you to search images based on the composition of the photo

New Bookmark For Later Option Coming For Twitter

Most of us would have had a similar experience on Twitter. You saw a Tweet, but cannot remember who tweeted it and no…

Confirm Your Facebook Login With Your Face?

Facebook is testing using facial recognition as a form of authentication (alongside their two-factor authentication).

Channel Update

A number of you have been asking what has happened to the weekly video updates

‘Algorithm’ Backlash From Facebook Security Chief

Alex Stamos from Facebook explains the difficulty of trying to use machine learning to essentially work out which…

AdWords Campaigns Can Spend Up To 2x Ave Daily Budget

As of the 4th October, your AdWord campaigns will be able to spend up to two times the ave daily budget.

Check Out ATG Learn

We have finally got around to adding courses to the ATG Learn page.

New Research Finds A Shift From Organic To Paid Clicks

Brian Wood from the Wayfair SEO team has seen a distinctive shift over the past two years from organic click-throughs…

You Can Soon Add Polls To Instagram Stories

Instagram is going to add the ability to add polls to Instagram Stories

Instagram Takes First Step To In App Purchases

Merchants selected by Instagram and Shopify will be able to start tagging their posts with products in Instagram’s apps…

Tweetdeck Now Allows Video Uploads And Sends

Tweetdeck has a newly added ability to upload and send a video via a tweet through the tool

No External Links On YouTube Channels Under 10K Subs

YouTube has added new requirements for external links in YouTube videos

Getty Images Banning Photo-shopped Models

Getty Images has officially announced that is banning all photos with touched up images of models bodies

Google Upgrades Two-Factor Authentication

Google is apparently rolling out a new service called Advanced Protection Program

Instagram Hit Another Major Milestone

Only six months after announcing that they had hit the 1 million advertiser mark, Instagram has announced that they…

Twitter Tests Doubling The Tweet Length

Twitter has announced it is doing open-ended testing of the new 280 character limit in all languages except for…

Messages As Standalone Ad Objectives In Facebook?

Yep, you heard right. Facebook has spun off 'messages' as a stand-alone campaign objective in Ads Manager. 

Facebook Adding Human Review For Ad Targeting Options

According to COO Sheryl Sandberg, they are instituting "more manual review of new ad targeting options". Facebook has…

Schedule Videos In New YouTube Studio App Feature

There are two welcome changes to the YouTube Studio app as of today. You can now schedule posts as well as see your…

Facebook Remove Dodgy Free Text Targeting

Facebook was left red-faced this week after ProPublica reported that you could target audience categories such as…

Facebook Ads Manager And Power Editor Become One

Facebook has announced that the two tools will be rolled into one mega tool.

Twitter Building A Tweetstorm?

It seems Twitter are actively testing their own built in tweetstorm feature.

Twitter Rolls Out Teams For Mobile Apps

Twitter has announced they are rolling out the teams feature to their iOS and Android apps.

YouTube Streaming Faster Than Ever

Live Streamers rejoice! YouTube has announced an 'Ultra-Low Latency' mode for live streaming that will speed up your…

Business App Coming For WhatsApp

Messaging service WhatsApp has just announced they are currently building and testing a number of tools that will form…

Judge Rules Against Yahoo In Data Breach Case

Yahoo has been trying to dismiss a number of class action lawsuits for two mass data breahces claiming that the victims…

What Are The Most Searched ‘How To’ Searches?

Google has now created an interactive report/website to showcase the top 100 'how to' searches are around the world.…

Instagram Now Support Multiple Formats In Galleries

Instagram has announced they are now allowing photos and videos that were taken in portrait and landscape mode to be…

Amazon Allowing Headline Search Ads For Third Party Sellers

In late August, Amazon started allowing third-party sellers to start to use the Headline Search Ad format

Is Google Testing Infinite Scroll?

Users have started to report they are seeing Google testing an infinite scroll in search results pages on mobile…

No Video Again This Week

Apologies everyone, but we will be taking a break for a second week in a row from the week in digital marketing videos…

Notice Something Different About Your Like Button?

Facebook has been slowly rolling out a freshly designed button which uses a grey outline rather than the old school…

Facebook Pages That Share Fake News Will Be Banned From Buying Ads

Facebook has just announced that any Facebook Page that has posts repeatedly flagged as fake news, will be banned from…

Facebook Watch Rolling Out To All Of USA

Facebook has announced they are rolling out Facebook Watch to all users in the US in the next few days.

WhatsApp Adding Verified Accounts For Businesses

WhatsApp has started to give business accounts the ability to become 'Verified' if they verify their contact details.…

Have You Noticed A Decline In Facebook Page Reach?

According to some new research from BuzzSumo, Facebook posts that brands and publishers have created has seen a 20%…

YouTube Release A Whole Heap Of Changes

The new release rolled out today has a number of key changes and we are here to break down the ones you need to know. 

Add Videos To Google Maps Local Listings

Google has announced that they are starting to roll out support for local guides (among others) to upload videos to…

Facebook Making Certain Post Types Ineligible For Promotion

You may or may not be aware, but if you manage a Facebook page, up until now, you have had the ability to boost any…

Google Double The Amount Of Sitelinks On Search Ads For Mobile

Well, how about that, not long after Google change up the Sitelinks to the less obvious carousel tappable format, they…

No Video This Week

Apologies everyone, but we will be taking another break from the week in digital marketing videos this week due to a…

Google Roll Out Landing Page Mobile Assessment Tool

Earlier this year, Google announced at Google Marketing Next that they would be rolling out a new landing page tool.

Sharpen Up Your Facebook Profile Cover With A 360 Photo

You can now use a 360-degree photo as your cover image.

Publishers Can Now Add Logos to Links In Facebook Search Results

As part of their move to combat 'fake news', Facebook is now allowing publishers to add their logos to article links…

Happy Tenth Birthday Hashtag

Wow, that escalated quickly. Twitter has announced that it is now 10 years since the first use of the # Hashtag.

Snapchat To Have Scripted Original Content By Year End

According to Snapchat's content lead, Nick Bell, Snapchat could start sowing original scripted content before the end…

WhatsApp Add Colour

WhatsApp has essentially copied the Facebook coloured background posts for their WhatsApp Status feature. If you…

Dedicated Safety Check Tab For Facebook

Facebook has made checking that you loved ones safe during a catastrophe a lot easier with the roll out of a dedicated…

Chat With Friends In YouTube In-App Messaging

YouTube has added a mobile-only feature that allows you to share a video with your contacts and then discuss it, all…

Video Creation In Your LinkedIn App

LinkedIn has announced they are releasing a video creation tool in LinkedIn's mobile app.

Don’t Ignore Bing, They Are Bigger Than You Think

Bing has announced they now have 9% of the worlds search market. With the number even more significant in certain…

Facebook To Penalise Fake Videos And Photos

During the coming weeks Facebook will begin demoting stories that feature fake video play buttons and static images…

Instagram Turn Photo Replies Into Stickers

Instagram has announced they are rolling out a new feature for its iOS and Android apps. Basically, it is a way to…

YouTube TV Is Growing

Google has announced they are expanding YouTube TV to cover 50% of US households. That's an additional 17 markets in…

Digital Marketing News – 19 August 2017

In this episode, LinkedIn makes it a lot easier for stalkers, Apple to spend $1 billion on original content, Elon…

Chrome To Auto Warn People About HTTP Pages

Google has announced that as of October 2017, Chrome will be warning visitors that go to non-https pages with forms on.

Bing Ads’ Dynamic Search Ads Now Available To All US Advertisers

It seems that Bing's pilot test of their Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) must be going well. The pilot is now rolling out to…

Facebook Clean Up Design Of Mobile News Feed

Facebook has rolled out some cosmetic changes to its mobile news feed design

Bing Ads Roll Out New Labels Feature

Bing Ads has announced they are rolling out customisable, colour coded labels.

Your LinkedIn Stalkers Can Now Tell When You Are Online

A new addition to LinkedIn messaging called 'Active Status' allows the ability for your LinkedIn followers to see when…

Facebook Now Let You Post Influencer Posts As Ads

You can now use Facebook targeting and custom audiences on the influencer post.

Instagram Start Sorting Comments Into Threads

Instagram has announced that comments will now be sorted into threads.

Google Add 30 Languages To Cloud Speech API

Google has announced it is adding 30 languages to the already impressive 89 (if you count the multiple variations on…

YouTube Testing New Feature – How Many Watching Now

YouTube appears to be testing a new feature that, to be honest, I am surprised wasn't rolled out long ago. According to…

UK SEO Firm Shut Down By Regulators

UK regulators have shut down UK SEO firm Movette for "deceptive sales practices".

Google Blacklist Advertisers For Exploiting AdSense

Google has confirmed they have dealt with the situation and have blacklisted the ad buyers that were responsible.

Snapchat’s Dancing Hot Dog Hits 1.5 Billion Views

Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel has announced that the Snapchat animated hot dog has been watched over 1.5 billion times. 

AI Beats Worlds Best Dota 2 Players

Elon Musk's OpenAI trained a bot to play the ridiculously popular (and fiercely competitive) video game Dota 2

Facebook Acquire Video Startup With a Difference

Facebook has acquired German video startup Fayteq.

No Video This Week

Apologies everyone, but we will be taking a break from the week in digital marketing videos this week due to a family…

Google Outline Which Ads Are The Most Annoying With New Report

Google has released a new report they commissioned with the Coalition for Better Ads. The report's goal is to highlight…

Facebook TV Is Here – And It’s Called Watch

Yes, the long talked about Facebook TV is being launched today and they have named it Facebook Watch.

Google Roll Out Brand Safety Updates For GDN Campaigns

Google is simplifying the site category exclusions part of a campaign setup. They have rolled together some similar…

Facebook Shutting Down Groups App

Facebook has announced they are discontinuing their Groups app. As on September 1st, users will no longer be able to…

Add A Friend To Your Live Instagram Stream

Instagram has been testing the ability for you to broadcast a live stream while adding a friend to the broadcast.

Chatbots Revolt Against Chinese Government

Two chatbots: BabyQ and Microsoft created XiaoBing have had to be removed from Chinese messaging app QQ after responses…

Bing Introduce New System Quality Policy

As part of Bing's Relevance and Quality Policy, they are rolling out a new System Quality Policy.

No More Paying For Accidental Clicks On Facebook

Facebook has announced they are addressing the impact of accidental clicks in Facebooks Audience Network (this is where…

New UK Data Protection Law – A Snapshot Of The Changes

The UK government is updating its data protection policy. The Data Protection Bill builds on the Data Protection Act of…

New Social Media Milestone – Over 3 Billion Users

According to a report published on The Next Web, there are now 3.028 Billion social media users around the world.

Are Google Building Competitor To Snapchat Discover?

Google is building a new technology that allows publishers (primarily news publishers) to build Snapchat like stories…

Does Snapchat’s New Ads Power Editor Seem Familiar?

Snapchat is now launching the "Snapchat Ads Manager - Advanced Mode". Essentially, it is a suite of advanced features…

Digital Marketing News – 5 August 2017

In this episode, we look at Chatbots revolting against the Chinese Government, Apple smashing expectations, YouTube…

YouTube Addressing Advertising Concerns

YouTube is taking brand safety issues seriously as it pushes to get its video player on publishers sites.

Facebook Penalising Links To Slow Loading Pages

Facebook has announced they are making an update to the News Feed over the coming months that will demote stories that…

ICYMI – LinedIn Now Let You Use Images In Replies

LinkedIn rolled out a new feature just over a month ago, but it seems not many people noticed.

Could We Be Getting Facebook Smart Speaker AND Facebook Video Device?

According to a new report from Bloomberg, Facebook is not only working on the rumored 'Smart Speaker', but also a…

Facebook To Launch Ability To Target Ads At RSVPers

A new Facebook feature that will allow us to create a custom audience from people that have RSVP'd to a Facebook event.

New LinkedIn Tool Gives You Insight Into Your Web Visitors

LinkedIn is continuing to impress with the release of another tool that looks genuinely useful.

GitHub Crashes – Developers Venturing Into The Real World

Development Code Repository GitHub went down yesterday and productivity in the development community ground to a halt…

Are Sticky Footers Ok? Google Says Yes – Kind Of

In a recent twitter conversation with Gary Illyes from Google, it was asked if sticky footers are seen as an issue from…

Rise Of The Chatbots – Skynet is Coming

The internet has gone crazy with the announcement that Facebook had to switch off some AI chatbots for fear that they…

Google Badges – A New Way To Identify Image Types

Google has launched a new feature call badges which help you to categorise the content behind the image thumbnail.

Chrome’s Built-in Ad Blocker Seen In The Wild

Google sent shock waves around the digital marketing community early this year when they announced they would be…

Facebook Working On Shorter Video Ad Lengths

Facebook's Cheif Operating Officer, Sheryl Sandberg has confirmed the rumour that Facebook is going to release the…

Share Your Facebook Stories With The Public

Facebook have sneakily added a new privacy setting to Facebook Stories. The new setting gives users the option to open…

Digital Marketing News – 29 July 2017

In this episode, we look at a real life Minority Report, an Apple ban in China, the Q2 Financial results for all our…

Twitter Releases Event Calendar

Twitter has released their "Monthly Major Event Calendars" which highlight key events and dates we should all be aware…

Facebook Announce New Messenger Tools and Features

Facebook has just announced three major updates to Messenger (actually two, with the third being slightly…

Twitter Testing Subscription Based Ad Program

a number of Twitter users have reported that there is a closed beta test of a new subscription based ad program.

Is Facebook TV Going to Launch in August?

The rumour mill is buzzing with Bloomberg reporting that Facebook will be launching the long awaited Facebook TV in…

WhatsApp Hit 1 Billion Users Per Day

Facebook owned WhatsApp has just announced some pretty impressive figures at their Q2 2017 earnings announcement. 

Outbrain Respond To Google Adsense Announcement With DSP Acquisition

Content Discovery platform Outbrain strengthened their position in the Content Marketing space with their recent…

Facebook Serious About Content Creators With New Purchase

To help creators protect their content (and obviously, to lure them into using Facebook as a platform for their…

Google Change Design For Sitelinks

Thanks to the awesome team over at Search Engine Land, Google has confirmed they are rolling out a design change for…

If You Have Ever Doubted The Importance Of A Brand’s Social Presence

We use social media to help inform us of potential leads, their behaviors, and insights. However, according to…

Marketo Saved By Good Smaraitan

Marketing tech giant Marketo was left very red faced yesterday after it was discovered that their site-wide failure was…

Facebook Enhance Their Live 360 Platform

Facebook has just announced a number of improvements to Live 360 that are sure to please.

Instagram Finally Allowing API Access To Third Party Platforms

Announced today, Instagram is going to allow API access to approved third party Social Management Platforms.

YouTube Fighting Comment Spam

Google has had enough and are now allowing YouTube channel owners partial protection by blocking spam comments.

Google’s New Anti Phishing Protection

Google has announced they are targeting these third party plugins to make it harder for the dodgier ones to get…

All Facebook Pages Can Now Create Linked Groups

Facebook has been quietly rolling out the ability for Facebook Pages to create a linked Group. Essentially building a…

Google Add New Job Listing Filters To Search Reports

Google announced (via Twitter) that they have added new filters to the search appearance tab in Google Analytics for…

Amazon Spark – A Sort Of Social Media Network

Amazon is doing everything to help us discover new products (and subsequently buy them off Amazon). The latest tool in…

Google Enable Re-targeting Of Video Viewers In Search

You can now use YouTube audience lists with remarketing lists for search ads (RSLA).

Digital Marketing News – 22 July 2017

In this episode, we look at video behavior on Facebook and Instagram, YouTube fighting terrorism, Google Analytics…

Google Homepage Is About To Change – Is This The Apocalypse?

Google is rolling out a new version of the homepage. It will be a personalised news feed similar to the Google mobile…

The New Home Of Apple Machine Learning

Apple has officially launched the Apple Machine Learning Journal. A platform where the geekiest of Apple engineers get…

Apple Let You Respond To Your App Store Reviews

Apple has announced that developers will now be able to respond to critics and reviews in the App Store.

Update On The Google Search Console Bug

Google has just updated their data anomalies page to clarify that the earlier reported bug that had affected the…

WhatsApp Being Blocked In China

Users in China have started reporting that they are having trouble sending photos, videos and even some texts.

Google Testing New Search Console Design

Search Engine Land is reporting that a new design and user interface for Google Search Console is currently being beta…

Voice Queries In Google Analytics

Google has announced that they are rolling out a new (and very welcomed) feature to Google Analytics.

Gender Stereotype Ads Being Banned In The UK

The UK's Advertising Standards Agency (ASA) is proposing a new legislation to ban any ads containing gender…

New Bug In Google Search Console?

**UPDATED** Rumours are surfacing that Google Search Console may have a bug in the average position metric.

Adverts In Your HTC Keyboard – No Way

The internet is buzzing with people noticing ads appearing just above the on screen keyboard as they try to message…

LinkedIn Notifications On Your Win 10 PC

Thanks to a new LinkedIn app for Windows 10, you can now receive LinkedIn notifications directly in your Windows Action…

The Week In Digital Marketing News – 16th July 2017

In this episode, we look at who is suing Trump now, the best use of Artificial Intelligence yet, the next big social…

Google Loses 20 Days Worth Of Data

Google has announced that users who have signed up for Google Search Console between the dates of June 21 and July 10…

iOS 11 To Support Live-streaming?

Beta testers have spotted a "Start Broadcast" button.

YouTube Ad Views Drop In June

YouTube Ad Views have dropped significantly in June

Update To AdSense Policy Bans Pop-unders

Google has updated the ad policies in AdSense to disallow the use of ads that use pop-under pages.

Google Roll Out Suggested Clips Feature

Google has rolled out a new feature called Suggested Clips and it essentially displays a suggested video at the top of…

Instagram Add Retargeting Options

Facebook has announced you can also set up an Engagement Objective for your Instagram Business Profile.

Facebook Extend Messenger News Feed Ads To All Markets

Facebook has been running a beta test in Thailand and Australia that allows advertisers to place newsfeed like ads…

Twitter Adding New Features To Help Deal With Trolls

Twitter are now allowing you to mute accounts that are new, that you don't follow or that do not follow you.

New Roll-out of Google Forms Adds Intelligent Response Validation

Google today announced it is adding some much-needed features to its online form and survey builder - Google Forms.

Microsoft To Launch Email Marketing Tool

Microsoft has announced they are launching new tools as part of their 360 suite. The first of these is called Microsoft…

You Can Now Video Reply on Instagram Stories

Instagram has now gone beyond just copying and into adding features that Snapchat would have wished they came up with

Bing Ad’s Campaign Planner To Be Shut Down

Bing Ad's campaign planner to be shut down and replacing it will be newly developed Keyword Planner

Twitter Linking To Accelerated Mobile Pages

Twitter has started linking directly to AMPs from within their native apps (on both iOS and Android).

Twitter Wants To Help Connect Offline Purchases With Promoted Tweets

Twitter has announced they are working with Dunnhumby Sales Impact solution, to help FMCG brands identify the key…

New Features in AdWords Editor 12

A brand spanking new version of Google's AdWords Editor has been rolled out worldwide. AdWords Editor 12 has a number…

New Update to Panda Causing Minor Tremors

The SEO world is abuzz with reports of a new update to Panda causing Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) to fluctuate…

New Facebook Ad and Page Data Metrics

Facebook is rolling out a new metric in the next few weeks called "Landing Page Views". This will show advertisers how…

Facebook Limits Number of Daily Links

As part of their ever increasing efforts, Facebook has just announced a minor change that will affect a very small…

Instagram’s New ‘Toxic Comments’ Machine Learning

This is an interesting and much-needed development by Instagram. In a release on the Instagram blog, they announced…

Twitter Reveals New Buttons

So Twitter is rolling out 4 new buttons to allow people to engage with brands through opening links, posting…

Facebook Hits A Major Milestone

This is crazy, Facebook has just announced they have passed the 2 Billion Monthly Active Users milestone.